Coding Club

NEGS Junior School is thrilled to be able to offer students with the chance to join our new Coding Club. Coding is a vital part of the digital world we live in and the language upon which computer programs are built. Learning to code at a young age is a fantastic advantage that will help children to break (or should that be <br>) into wonderful career and industry opportunities should they wish to pursue it later on. It’s estimated that coding is one of the most in-demand skills across all job sectors…but right now, it’s a whole lot of fun, giving kids the chance to be creative and play around with a number of different programs.

Pupils will learn through making, progressively introducing coding concepts one by one to build their knowledge. Students will then have the chance to create their own games, animations, and websites with coding languages Scratch, HTML/CSS and Python. This offers them valuable insight into what skills are required to for a career in IT, first hand.