Life as a NEGS Girl

Towne Girls

Hailing from Western Australia the three Towne girls Emily (11), Annabelle (13) and Chloe (14) are all passionate campdrafters. Growing up on remote properties campdrafting is just part of family life. According to Annabelle, “In our family you’re on a horse before you’re a year old and you start campdrafting around 2 or 3”. When all the children are at home from boarding

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Darcie & Sienna

Have you ever dreamt about going to a boarding school where you get to take your horse with you? For two Year 7 girls, they get to live this dream every day. Sienna Robinson and Darcie Loosemore attend NEGS, a boarding school in Armidale, NSW. They are friends, share a bedroom and are both horses crazy. When they aren’t in the Equestrian Centre

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