Towne Girls

Hailing from Western Australia the three Towne girls Emily (11), Annabelle (13) and Chloe (14) are all passionate campdrafters. Growing up on remote properties campdrafting is just part of family life. According to Annabelle, “In our family you’re on a horse before you’re a year old and you start campdrafting around 2 or 3”. When all the children are at home from boarding school their weekends are spent going to campdrafts together as a family.

The three sisters are boarders at NEGS in Armidale, NSW which has a strong campdraft squad. Whilst the logistics of travelling from home to school might require hours of organisation for their mother Sally, as it takes the girls approximately 1.5 days of travel in each direction, choosing NEGS as a school was easy. They all wanted to come to NEGS because you can bring your horse to school with you. “We don’t like being inside, so having all the horses here keeps us entertained and gives us a chance to be outside, even when it’s freezing cold,” said Annabelle.

Chloe initially went to a boarding school on the Gold Coast but changed schools so that she could practice campdrafting during term time. “If I was at another school I would have to wait 9 or 10 weeks before I could practice my campdrafting, at NEGS you can practice everyday,” she said.
Annabelle and Chloe have their own horses at school and are both part of the NEGS Campdraft Team and Development Squad for the Eventing. One weekend they go to a Campdraft, the next they head to Eventing.

“I love learning to do Eventing as it is such a new sport for me and I think it is great to take advantage of all of the fantastic opportunities and coaches that NEGS Equestrian has to offer. There are a wide range of drafts in this area, and you can get higher up in campdrafting,” said Chloe.

Whilst Annabelle hopes that being at NEGS will help her get a name in campdrafting, she also competes in cross country, show jumping, dressage and barrel racing. “Before I came to NEGS I had only had ever done Campdrafting and challenging, and as I love a new challenge, eventing is giving my horse “Golddust’ and I a great challenge to face as we are both learning 3 new disciplines,” said Annabelle. “Chris and I encourage the girls to take advantage of all of the amazing opportunities that NEGS has on offer, and as Eventing is a sport that our girls have never done, we think it is great that they are keen to get involved and experience something different that we are unable to offer here at home,” said Sally.

The girls have the opportunity to work with bison in their weekly campdraft squad training sessions, under the guidance of NEGS Campdraft Squad coaches Codie Law and Robert Newsome. Highly respected members in the Campdraft world, Codie and Robert both bring a wealth of knowledge and experience to the girls. Annabelle has a young horse and she really appreciates the benefits the horse has received from training with the Bison.
The youngest of the siblings, Emily, is currently in Year 6 and takes horse riding lessons at school during the day. As Emily doesn’t have her own horse yet she helps care for Chloe’s horse. Emily said that “having the horses at school makes it feel a lot more like home.” Emily plans to start competing next year once she is in Year 7 and has her own horse.

“We firmly believe the girls having their horses with them makes them so content and happy which reflects in their all-round school achievements. A happy, content boarder makes a happy content parents, so that is a win-win for all of us,” said Sally.

These three girls certainly are rising stars to watch out for.