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NEGS girls, past and present, reside around Australia and around the world and their success, resilience and enthusiastic participation in life is evident wherever you go. As NEGS is predominately a boarding school, with a strong sense of community, many essential livelong bonds are forged and highly revered within their lives. Established in 1913, (18 years after the school began) the NEGS Old Girls’ Union (NOGU) was formed to maintain and pass down traditions of the school, unite past students with the present, and help keep members and all old girls connected. The NOGU has over 5,500 members and financially supports Scholarships and Bursaries to future students. We have branches in Armidale, Sydney, Brisbane, Canberra and Melbourne where volunteer committee members help develop connections and organise events.

The close ties Old Girls have with one another and NEGS can be seen in their enthusiastic participation in many of the school’s activities. Old Girls return each year in September near St Michaelmas Day (Old Girls’ Weekend) to attend their 5, 10, 20, 30, 40, 50, 60, year unions to walk down memory lane. They are also invited as guest speakers and as guests to many of the school functions and mentoring programs each year.

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NOGU Committees

Old girls of all ages with fresh ideas are warmly welcomed as new committee members.

Contact your nearest branch below to join or enjoy attending functions.

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NEGS OGU Office Bearers


President Ms Natalie Scanlon (’97)


Vice President Shara Menzies (Ibbott ’86)

P: 02 6778 1115 | E:

Secretary Connie Twyford (McNeil ’10)


Treasurer and Public Officer Jo Campbell (Studdy ’80)

P: 02 6772 2048 | E:



President – Kerrie Smith (Benham ’87)

M: 0488 658 889 | E:

Secretary – Caroline Tomkins (Blackwell ’83)

M: 0428 511 001 | E:

Treasurer – Miranda Dunning (Ferguson ’87)

M: 0419 708 250 | E:


Vice PresidentSally Grimble (’76 McLaughlin)

M: 0413 662 371  |  E:

SecretarySusan Burnet (Coupland ’81)

M: 0448 977 130  |  E: and

Lynn Hutton (Wharton ’64)

M: 0411 600 711 | E:

TreasurerMary O’Toole (Thompson ’64)

M: 0427 013 738  |  E:

CommitteeMargaret Orchard, Caroline Grundy, Kirsten Mallam and Libby Peach


Elizabeth Brown (Pixley ’58)

P: 03 9509 1009 | E:


Lindy Armstrong (Masters ’77)

P: 02 6241 4602  |  E:

Old Girls' Missionary Union

Secretary/Treasurer – Juliet Cameron (Lean ’64)

P: (02) 4950 9034 | E:

Donate to Our Scholarships

Scholarships are awarded to prospective students who embody the spirit of a NEGS girl and are a relative of an Old Girl, or at the discretion of the NEGS Old Girls’ Union to a family who is undergoing financial difficulty. The NOGU are proud to be able to help future generations have the wonderful all-round education they were fortunate to receive.

Every student who passes through the gates of NEGS today benefits from the exceptional generosity of past generations of benefactors and your tax-deductible gift ensures NEGS girls continue to flourish for future generations.

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NEGS Old Girls’ Coordinator (part time)

Libby Parry (Dight 1982)

02 6774 8700


We have made the sad decision that we cannot plan for an Old Girls’ Weekend this September as Government social distancing requirements for schools in term 3 will be very strict. Planning a whole weekend of activities where 200+ Old Girls come into the school grounds and buildings in term 4 will also not be realistic at this point. Therefore, we have postponed Old Girls’ Weekend 2020 to join the reunion groups of Old Girls’ Weekend 2021. We will definitely hold our Old Girls’ Celebration Lunch in 2021 which will include all Old Girls.

To mark the occasion of the 125 Year Anniversary of NEGS this year, the School and the Old Girls’ Union are endeavouring to plan an Event towards the end of term 4 (dependent upon Government restrictions) for the whole school community, past and present. Fingers crossed. We anticipate this will showcase the history of the school and will be fun to reconnect after these isolation times and we hope that many Old Girls will be able to support and enjoy this event. Further information will be posted on the website and via email in due course, or please contact Libby Parry


Old Girls’ Union Branch Events

All Events and ‘TBC’ are dependent upon the Government restrictions being lifted. The Events are listed below to give you a guide of what committees are planning.

NEGS Old Girls’ Union AGM

NEGS (Armidale) Old Girls’ Union invites all Old Girls’ to join our AGM via ZOOM Conference

Friday 4th September, 2020 
At  6.00pm
If you wish to join our AGM please contact Libby Parry at and
the ZOOM link and the AGENDA will be emailed to you.

Sydney Events

Brisbane Events

ACT Events

Armidale Events

NEGS Cohort Reunions 2020

60 YEAR REUNION (1960)
Virgina Lydiard
P: 0418 683 468

50 YEAR REUNION (1970)
Prue Hart
P: 0419 700 265

40 YEAR REUNION (1980)
Jo Campbell (Studdy)
P: 0497 583 877

30 YEAR REUNION (1990)
Sophie Carter (Powell)
P: 0427 433531

20 YEAR REUNION (2000)
Emma Davidson (McMalister)
P: 0409 077 125

10 YEAR REUNION (2010)
Clare Stibbard
P: +44 7586031001 (UK) or WhatsApp

Nichola Orr
Or Caitlyn Everingham
M: 0488 576012

Reunion Coordinators

See below the contact details for individual year group reunion events. For further information please contact Old Girls’ Coordinator, Libby Parry at

Click here for – 2021 Coordinators

The NEGS Old Girls’ Union assist the school to produce the bi-annual Akaroa Magazine where you can follow school and fellow Old Girls achievements, and interesting lives lived and lost. A photo is worth a thousand words! Please help us to stay connected and keep us informed. Tell us about your UNI degrees, career paths, adventures, business ventures, volunteer work, weddings, babies, reunion dinners, retirement, or grandchildren.

Akaroa Magazine is now distributed via email. Please update your email address here.

If you would like to continue receiving the hard copy of the Akaraoa Magazine, please update your mailing address here.

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To support our community NEGS and the NEGS Old Girls’ Union are establishing a NEGS Business Directory. This professional network connects our current families, Old Girls and the wider NEGS community to their businesses and services. The Directory will be updated regularly and shared on our social media platforms and our website once it gains enough interest. To advertise in this Directory will be free of charge to our NEGS Community. 

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Past and Present The NEGS Old Girls’ Union would like to grow the NEGS Business Directory to foster and cultivate relationships between the remarkable women within our Old Girl community. Morning coffee or drinks after work may be organised in Armidale, Sydney and Brisbane to develop relationships one-on-one and enable past and future women of NEGS to support each other. A further benefit to support current students could be to set up mentoring opportunities for them as they embark on decisions for their future careers. For further information about mentoring please email the Old Girls’ Coordinator Libby Parry

Here is a group of local Armidale ladies who are our inaugural group of Past and Present Old Girls working together.

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