NEGS Old Girl Life Member

Benefits of Becoming a NEGS Old Girl Life Member

By increasing your connections with past students, regional Old Girl Branches and the School you may choose to help:

  • Maintain and hand on the traditions of the School
  • Unite past students of the School with one another and with present members through communication channels
  • Raise money for the establishment and maintenance of bursaries and/or scholarships to further the education at NEGS of:
    – Children of Old Girls of the School or
    – Other children at the discretion of the Union
  • Encourage children to support the missionary objectives of the Union and to work for others
  • Support the school with functions and mentoring programs
  • Provide and receive ‘news’ of Old Girls and current students
  • Promote Old Girls’ businesses through extensive Old Girl networking opportunities
  • Promote the school to encourage enrolments, and fundraising for future initiatives
  • Stay connected as an important member of the greater NEGS community and importantly enjoy old friendships and new opportunities

Life Membership Payment Details