Team @ NEGS

Mark Flynn

Mark Flynn - Acting Principal As part of the dynamic leadership team, Mark has been a well-respected teacher at NEGS since 2016 and with 33 years of teaching experience, he has embraced his new role as Acting Principal with gusto and is very excited about the future of the School. Mark has a real passion for teaching and feels that it is a vocation,

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Josh Cohen

Josh Cohen is the Director of Sport at NEGS. Josh is passionate about basketball which is his favourite sport to play and teach to students. With parents who have both played sport their whole lives, Josh grew up playing basketball and going to games with his mum. His love and dedicated training paid off and basketball has taken Josh all over the world

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Alastair Finco

There is a definite groove at NEGS in the Performing Arts building. With our experienced and dedicated staff, NEGS music has been taken to another level. From Melbourne to Italy, music teacher and band director Alastair Finco has brought much experience to NEGS since coming to the School in 2018. For Alastair the wonderful part of teaching at NEGS is being being part

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Rachelle Hirst

Passionate Dressage and Eventing Coach, our Featured Teacher @ NEGS is Rachelle Hirst! She joined the NEGS Equestrian Centre team in 2015 bringing in a wealth of knowledge and expertise to the school. Rachelle holds an NCAS Equestrian Australia Level 2 Certificate in Riding and Horse Management and her friendly and warm personality brings confidence and support to the girls, putting them at

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Tony Jones

Who said Maths is boring…certainly not our Director of Teaching and Learning, Maths guru and a Featured Teacher @ NEGS, Mr. Tony Jones. Armed with his "little motivational" barrel of chocolates, Tony, with his friendly and humorous personality has put fun into the Maths classes of NEGS, which in turn has left students motivated and eager to learn. Teaching is a family affair

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