NEGS Sport

Mrs Liane Nixon

Mrs Liane Nixon


Go Netball Team

Week 1

On the weekend we played ACSC Magpies. We tried really hard against this team but unfortunately lost 12-5. Well done to all players for their efforts and to the goal shooters for successfully scoring against this tough competition.

Lily Lorimer


Week 2



Under 13’s Netball

Week 1

What a great start to term 3! The division 4 NEGS netball team had a great game by winning against PLC. We won 17 to 1. We look forward to our upcoming games.

Scarlet Martin



Under 9’s

Week 1

On the  28th  of July under nine hockey team played P.L.C at the U.N.E hockey field. It was a great sunny day to play hockey and what made it even better is we won. The score was 2 – nil, congratulations to Tom who scored both of our goals.

Claudia Huard


Week 2

We played against ESC on Saturday 4th August. We won the game, the score was 2-nil. Tom scored both goals.We played a great game and bailey stood out as he was busy attacking and defending.

Well done team!

Prudence Chapman


Week 3

We won on Saturday! We played under 9’s hockey and we won because the score was 2 nil.

Thank you to Ms Pracy and thank you to Tom Lorrimer for scoring all the goals. Also, Isabel is really improving.

Thank you to Catherine because she is there to support us on the field every time.

Olivia Kennedy


Under 11’s


Week 1

On Saturday, the Under 11’s hockey team versed the Servies. The score was 3 nil but our team spirit made up for the loss. Thanks to Mrs Dent for guiding us smoothly throughout the match and good job to the team.

Isima Christiansen


Week 2

Last Saturday my team and I played hockey against Bald Blair and I was goal keeper. I had to wear all of the goalie armour. It felt like I was going to battle, which we kind of were.

Me and my team had an awesome game. I was pretty nervous when trying to walk over to the goal with all of my armour on. But when I got the first kick of the ball I felt a lot better.

‘Good job’ to Airlie for her awesome intercepts and ‘amazing job’ to Claire and Lily for getting so close to scoring a goal for the team. Also, ‘good job’ to Andrew for whacking the ball down to the strikers so they could try to score a goal.

Unfortunately, Bald Blair scored a goal in the last two minutes. If it wasn’t for their goalie we would have scored three or four goals, but I’ve got to admit their goalie was pretty good.

Good job team!

Lara McAlary


Under 13’s

Week 1

On Saturday the Under 13 hockey team versed United. It was 14 to 1 United’s way. It was a very tough and fun game. A big thank you to the coaches and the teachers who supported us.

Holly Jacobson


Week 2

The under thirteens hockey team played Harlies on Saturday we played well as a team and gained great confidence under the coaching of Blair hopefully we can continue playing to our strengths for the rest of the season

Ellie Woods