Head of Junior School – Week 2

Mr Andrew Travers

Mr Andrew Travers

Welcome to another exciting year in NEGS Junior School, or welcome for the first time if you are joining us in 2018.

I am excited and honoured as the new Head of the Junior School to welcome each and every one of you to the beginning of a new school year at NEGS Junior School.  This school year will be a year of setting and reaching attainable goals and challenges, working harder and smarter and taking our school and student achievement to the next level of greatness.  At NEGS Junior School we are dedicated to a student-centered program that promotes academic, sporting and arts excellence through an enriched, exciting curriculum.  Both I and your dedicated teachers are here to support all students to ensure you reach your fullest potential within a caring supportive environment.  We look forward to working with students, parents and members of the community to provide the high-quality education that you all deserve.

This year, students can look forward to encountering a highly intensive and challenging learning and sporting program. Our goal is to ensure that all students become critical thinkers, active problem-solvers, inquisitive readers, diligent researchers, creative writers and exhibit a spirit of good sports- ship.  I would like to talk briefly about education and in particular education for the 21st century.  Education means learning to think for yourself, learning to make and mend friendships, learning to see other people’s points of view, learning not to be frightened of uncertainty or difficulty, learning how to be self-reliant.  Education needs to prepare you for the real world.  21st century skills such as the 4 Cs – creativity, critical thinking, communication and collaboration are essential for understanding and performance.

At NEGS Junior School we are committed to ensuring that we are providing the best possible educational, sporting, musical and co-curricular opportunities for all our students in a happy and supportive environment.  This is our goal and commitment. We also encourage both current and new parents to make new friends by engaging with the NEGS Parents’ and Friends’ Association through our Liaison parents.

I am proud to lead this excellent Junior school and look forward to meeting you all, and I also look forward to a wonderful year of inquiry, learning, friendship and fun.


Mr. Andrew Travers
M.Ed.(School Leadership), B.Ed.(Primary).


Just a few important 2018 reminders:

The Junior School hours are 8:20 to 3:20. Please be aware there is NO supervision on the school grounds prior to 8.20.  In the afternoon, if your child is not collected by 3.30 or you have arranged for Homework Centre, children will be collected by Ms Emma Bennett and taken to the Homework Centre in Saumarez House.  Ms. Bennett from the Homework Centre collects children from the Junior School playground at 3:20 pm and walks to Saumarez House between 3:30 and 3:45 (charges apply from 3:35 pm and 4:35 for the second hour).  There is a late fee for collection after 5:30 pm. Our Homework Centre differs from After School Care Programs because the children access assistance from a qualified teacher and assistance from our gap students.  

Please fill in the 2018 Sport and Co-curricular note so we can start formulating teams. We are excited to offer some new activities and hope all students can be apart.

For your convenience the NEGS SchoolDays App can be up-loaded on to your mobile phone to get updates and alerts. If you have not yet received a Parent Handbook or Term 1 Calendar then please contact Reception. Uniform requirements for each day have been included. This includes blazer requirements for Chapel and Assembly, as well as sports days.  NEGS polo shirts are worn on Tuesdays and House shirts are for sport on Fridays.  



Parent Information Night Tuesday 13th February

K-2 4:00 pm

Year 3 4:30 pm

Year 4 5:00 pm

Year 5/6 5:30 pm


Photo Day Thursday   15th  February

School Photo day will be held in the Junior School in the playground (weather permitting). Transition to Year 6 will have individual portraits and a class photo taken. If you wish to have a family photo then these will be held from 8:15 am until 8:45 am.  All families should have received envelopes and please ensure envelopes are returned on or before this date.


Term 1

  • 30 January – All students commence
  • 13 February – Parent Information Evening
  • 15 February – Photo Day
  • 16 February – NEGS Junior and Senior Swimming Carnival
  • 23 February – PSSA Swimming Carnival
  • 26 – 2 March Year 5/6 Camp (Canberra)
    K-2 Swim week
  • 28 – 2 March Year 3/4  Camp (Lake Keepit)
  • 6 March IPSHA Swimming Carnival (Homebush)
  • 21 March NEGS Junior School Cross Country
  • 30-2 April Easter Weekend
  • 7 April IPSHA Cross Country
  • 12 April Term 1 concludes
  • 13 April Staff Day (contact Reception for Child Care availability)

(Any change of dates will be noted in the Schooldays App or in the Newsletter).