International Students

How to Enrol

Dear NEGS Community

For many years NEGS has had a wonderful friendship with the Kichijo School in Japan. We have welcomed a number of young girls over the years to NEGS to enable them the opportunity to experience our culture, life style and language. The experiences that the Kichijo girls leave NEGS with is unforgettable and friendships long lasting.

Last year we were fortunate to host Emi Hasegawa who certainly made the most of every opportunity that NEGS offered her. She was heavily involved in the livestock team and gave everything a go, amazing everyone with her enthusiasm.

This year we welcome two more Kichijo students Yuna & Yuka. They are both lovely and respectful Kichijo ambassadors and we look forward to getting to know them better this year. We also have a new Chinese student Tina, who is very excited to be studying with us for the next 3 years.

Like many overseas students, they find it difficult to return home for holidays when our boarding houses close. With the students’ wellbeing always foremost, we endeavour to help them find suitable and safe accommodation for these holiday periods. Once again we appeal to our wonderful NEGS community to consider hosting the girls. We are extremely grateful for the families who have kindly hosted the overseas students in the past, welcoming them into their homes and enabling the girls to experience life in Australia. The girls’ families are most grateful for the hospitality that our NEGS community extend and feel at ease knowing that their daughters are safe and being cared for whilst being in a foreign country. ¬†We understand that hosting a student for any period of time can be expensive, so if you are able to host one or more of our international students please contact me as soon as possible for further information, including details relating to the remuneration offered.