Music @ NEGS – Week 4

Mrs Sally Spillane

Mrs Sally Spillane

We have had a very busy start in Music activities this term. Some students from Year 3 as well as Years 4 , 5 and 6 students attended their first rehearsal of New England Sings! where they worked with renowned Australian conductor/composer Dan Walker learning his original songs. These will be performed for the first time at the New England Sings! Concert to be held on Sunday 21st October. Tickets are on sale already for this concert so get in early to get your tickets as these concerts sell out quickly. Tickets are for sale through Try Booking for NECOM.

Students from Senior school will be participating in the Secondary Choir and they will be attending their first rehearsal in the coming weeks.

Students from Years 3-6 have been busy practising for their big performance at the Sydney IPSHA Performing Arts festival. The students are very excited about performing at the Sydney Town Hall. By the time this newsletter goes out students and teachers will be in Sydney rehearsing for this concert.

Students from K-2 have been learning new songs and are working on a song they particularly enjoy to perform on Assembly once they have learnt all the words and actions to go with it. They have been creating class winter soundscapes and performing them together in class.

All students from Transition to Year 7 will be attending a Chamber Music Concert suited to their age group which will be held at school in the music block. Renowned local musicians Kristal Spreadborough, Charlotte Low and Deidre Rickards will present a Flute Trio Concert. Students will see how instruments work, hear what they sound like and listen to beautiful music played live. They will be active listeners and singers and learn about the musical concepts.

Students in Senior School have been busy rehearsing for their senior School Musical, ’How The West Was Warped’ under the direction of drama teacher, Miss Turner. Mr Oxley is busy sorting the sound effects and training girls on the songs, Alastair Finco is getting the band together, Miss Ronald and Miss Turner are painting backdrops and creating props with the help from students, gappies and other staff members. The action is fast paced, the drama students are fantastic on stage and the songs are terrific fun. Students from Years 7 and 8 are using their choir time to learn the songs and having a lot of fun along the way.

When the tickets go on sale for this musical get in quickly and look forward to an evening of wild western adventure – Yee Ha!!!


Yours in Music