NEGS Equestrian News – Week 6

Mr Imtiaz Anees


NEGS Equestrian would like to thank the year 12 students for such a brilliant weekend away at the coast.
Unfortunately, not all the girls could make it due to prior commitments but the ones that were able to had the best time.

It was a very special weekend and could not have been possible without the girls. It was brilliant to see the friendships that have grown over the years and the love they have for their horses. The girls laughed, played and giggled the entire time while making memories with their beautiful four legged friends.
To see the girls experience such joy is one of the many reasons Imti loves NEGS. He has always sought to make a difference in each role he has had and he has certainly made a difference in these girls’ lives.
He said it was a blessing to see how caring the girls were with their horses, each other and the environment they were in. He has expressed on many occasions how well they have been raised by their families and how much he will miss them when they move on at the end of the year.
As excited as he is for them to explore the world, they have been a very special group and will be greatly missed.
These girls have been the year to set the precedent for many more to come and have been a huge part in the development of the NEGS Equestrian program.
They were the pioneers of the US Equestrian tour, the many bursaries plus hold many of the schools competitive successes. They are a team, a united front and all display brilliant leadership skills.

Imti was astounded yet again at how brilliant their behaviour was all weekend and what admirable young women they are becoming.

Thank you to the parents for always trusting Imti with their children, to the staff at the Equestrian Centre for making these trips happen and the girls for being themselves.

Here are a couple of photos from a weekend that will be remembered for the rest of their lives.





Six NEGS Equestrian students performed at the Australian Stock Horse Society National Show on the weekend.  The girls participated in the opening ceremony and have been practicing for the past few weeks.  Grace Brown, Britnee Breneger, Estella Martin, Laura Finlay, Ashley Randle and Chelsea Devenish will be represented the school on their very own Australian Stock Horses.



Chelsea Devenish has been leading the girls brilliantly and has gone above and beyond to co-ordinate the students and their horses. She did the choreography for the routine, organised the music, co-ordinated the students and shown her commitment to the Australian Stock Horse Society as their scholarship winner. Her work ethic is tireless and the staff at NEGS Equestrian have been astounded by the tenacity she has displayed and camaraderie that has grown in the group.

It was very exciting to see them in action at the Australian Equine and Livestock Events Centre in Tamworth for the opening of the ASH National Show.



NEGS Equestrian would like to congratulate high performance squad member, Isabella Arabejo on her recent award from Equestrian NSW.
Isabella received the 2017 Champion Secondary Combined training award.
She was honoured to receive the award alongside some top competitors and couldn’t have done it without her beautiful horse, Four Winds Funky Chick, the support of her mother and coaching from Head of NEGS Equestrian, Imtiaz Anees.
Well done, Isabella.



Gabrielle Cadzow was part of the team of students who competed at Guyra show last weekend. She took two horses, one of which had their first start at a show.
She placed 1st in the Maiden Hack, 2nd in the Childs’s Hack, 4th in the intermediate hack and 3rd in the pair of riders on Sir Smokey. She then placed 2nd in the bending and 3rd in the barrel race on Lady Jane. Well done, Gabby!



Congratulations to new student, Amy Fisher, on her efforts at the 2018 Peel River Produce Tamworth Show. Amy has just made the move to NEGS all the way from Darwin and is having a brilliant time with her horse. Amy competed in several classes over the weekend and had some brilliant clear rounds.




Congratulations to Brie Aitken for her efforts at Inverell show on the weekend. She was awarded Supreme Junior Rider, won her Open Hack, Pair of Riders, Pair of Hacks and Educated Hack Classes! She also came second in Intermediate and Child’s Hack. Congratulations Brie, brilliant work!



NEGS Equestrian is once again gearing up to host their very own official dressage show next weekend. The NEGS Dressage Autumn Gala competition is scheduled for the 11th of March and is set to be a big day! The show has attracted even more entries than the winter Gala and competitors are eager to give it all they have!

The show is held at our beautiful grounds, giving riders the opportunity to compete in world class facilities where the atmosphere is vibrant and the competitors are fierce but friendly.

Event organiser and senior coach, Rachelle Hirst, has big plans for the future of NEGS Dressage Galas and is thrilled that even more horses are entered for this show.

The competition is running classes from preliminary level to medium with good competition spread across the divisions.
New student and tough competitor, Ruby Goldsmith, will be competing in the Medium level on her horse, Belcum Centucky. This young girl has proven to be a real competitor and will be giving it her all. She recently won both Medium tests at Armidale Dressage and is eager to hold the winning title at NEGS too.

Northern Territory student, Olivia Ruzsicska, will also be competing in the Medium on her stunning chestnut, Warrego Dumbledore. The pair have been champions many times over and are sure to give all the competitors a run for their money. Olivia has high hopes for a career in dressage and is paving the right path with her lovely chestnut partner.

Four NEGS girls will also be competing in the Elementary level. Ellen Archer, Sarah Wyatt, Katie Hancock and Isabella Arabejo will all be having a weekend off from eventing to show the dressage competition what they have.

We are very fortunate to have the ability to host these shows, but could not do it without the support of our sponsors.
The Aitken family have been avid supporters of the Equestrian Centre for many years and we are very grateful to have their support for the dressage Gala once again.

Horseland Armidale have also shown tremendous support to NEGS. They continue to support our competitions and make sure our girls always have fantastic products available. They are a brilliant business to have in a small town and their generosity is greatly appreciated.




Congratulations to year 12 student, Ashley Randle, on her brilliant effort at King of the Ranges last weekend. Ashley and Foxtrot competed in the junior division and finished mid field in a very competitive class. She did very well to complete all the sections with such class and even managed to win the pack saddle section. Well done, Ashley.