Boarding Bursary

Boarding Bursary

Boarding Bursaries are offered to boarding students who have a strong desire to attend NEGS, demonstrate significant potential to contribute to the boarding and general life of NEGS and demonstrate genuine financial need. The Bursary entitle the recipients to part remission of boarding fees to the end of Year 12. All other expenses must be met at the full rate. Bursaries are reviewed annually.

All applicants for Boarding Bursary are required to:

  1. Submit financial statements (where applicable) and tax returns for the last financial year.

Boarding Bursary Application Form

The bursaries are reviewed on an annual basis and it is the School’s expectation that recipients of a Boarding Bursary maintain all round commitment to all areas of their schooling, including contributing to the boarding life of the School and represent the School as and when requested.