Visual Arts & Design Scholarships

Visual Arts and Design Scholarships

These scholarships are offered to students entering Years 9 – 11 who demonstrate a particular flair in their artistic and/or design ability. Students applying for this scholarship will demonstrate a creative ability as well as the potential to achieve excellence scholastically in areas of Art and Design. It is assumed that any applicant will be proactive in developing their practical skills and understanding of Art and/or Design history/theory.

All applicants for Visual Art and Design Scholarships are required to:

  1. Sit the Academic Scholarship Test;
  2. Provide a portfolio with examples of the applicant’s own drawings, designs and/or artworks. Each folder and artwork is to be clearly labelled.
  3. Along with a portfolio, each applicant is to submit a written investigation to demonstrate their understanding of Art History and/or the Design World. Students can complete this section of the criteria by submitting ONE of the following options:
    (a) Submit a report on an artist, designer or architect of their choosing outlining the significance of that practitioner’s work, their influences/inspiration, materials, processes and techniques. (max. 1200 words)
    (b) Respond to the question below:
    Artworks are not just created for their visual appeal. They often communicate powerful ideas that existed in the world in which they were created.
    Discuss this statement with reference to TWO or THREE specific artists, craftspeople, designers and/or architects you have studied. Be sure to include a specific example (artwork or designed object/concept) in each paragraph to back up your main argument. (max. 1200 words).

Assessment Details:

Students are to submit their artistic Portfolio and written task by
30, March 2023 to:

Enrolments Office,
NEGS, Uralla Road
Armidale, NSW, 2350

Visual Arts & Design Scholarship Form