Polocrosse at NEGS

NEGS has always placed a firm emphasis on its polocrosse players with the use of an outdoor polocrosse field helping players reach their full potential. 

An impact sport on horseback, our students are given every opportunity to excel with the coaching of national player Ella Elks, who has represented Queensland at a national level. The NEGS polocrosse team travels across the state for weekend tournaments every season, with our dedicated coaches and staff helping to facilitate every opportunity for the girls to grow and play. Team selections are made from the squad only, and require a commitment to training and competition schedules.


NEGS Polocrosse Squad

The NEGS Polocrosse Squad program allows motivated and committed players to train in a supportive team environment.

Program learning outcomes include

  • Equine Performance Nutrition,
  • Training Skills
  • Game Tactics
  • Sportsmanship
  • Horse Management; and
  • Fitness



  • Weekly squad training during Term (Wed 4-6pm)
  • Horse fitness and nutrition mentoring


  • Compulsory attendance at squad training (unless written notice is given in advance)
  • Polocrosse Squad Term fee paid upfront
  • Team selections will be made from squad members only
  • Both player and parents have completed the NEGS polocrosse code of conduct
  • Commitment to training and competition schedules
  • Dedication to correct horsemanship and horse management
  • Adherence to the NEGS Sport Code of Conduct

Please note: The Program is designed to emphasise the importance of having a consistent, ongoing and correct training and management. Reimbursements for a missed squad lesson will only occur when a medical or veterinary certificate is presented to the EC front office no later than 24hrs after the lesson. There will be no reimbursement for any other reason than a Vet or DR certificate

PROGRAM DURATION: 7 week program


NEGS Polocrosse Squad