Showing at NEGS

The NEGS showing team enjoys consistent, outstanding success under the expert tutelage of showing coach and industry professional, Justine Aitken. Justine has competed to considerable success with her own homebred show horses, including wins at Sydney Royal Easter Show and national competitions.

Show riding involves an enormous amount of preparation, with rider and horse appraised on their condition, turn out, aesthetics and harmony as a duo. The show riding team competes around the region and New South Wales at a number of Agricultural Shows, with an emphasis placed on sportswomanship and representing NEGS to the highest degree.


NEGS Show Riding Squad

Squads and teams allow motivated and committed riders to train in a supported team environment towards their personal goals. The aim of the program is to produce a team of riders who demonstrate correct riding, gracious manners and attention to detail.


NEGS COACH: Justine Aitken

ENTRY CRITERIA: Showing experience and a desire to improve


  • Weekly group lesson with Justine (Tuesdays/Wednesdays 4-6pm)
  • Led class drills and protocol, ring etiquette, rider and horse show ring representation, ring craft, rider position and workout practice.
  • Extensive focus will be placed on creating and maintaining correct and neat position, as well as producing show horses which are correct, through and soft.

Please note: As the whole program is designed to emphasize the importance of having a consistent, ongoing and correct training and management program, credit for a missed squad lesson will only occur when a Doctor or Veterinary certificate is presented to the EC front office no later than 24 hours after the lesson. There will be no reimbursement for any other reason than a Vet or Dr certificate.

PROGRAM DURATION: 7 week program


NEGS Show Riding Squad