Boarding @ NEGS

Mrs Stephanie Thomas

Mrs Stephanie Thomas

During National Boarders Week the Australian Boarding Schools Association (ABSA), collected information about how far away our students’ hometowns are from our school.
Nationally, students in Boarding@NEGS come from:

Alice Springs NT – 2770.9km (The Cadzow Family)

Katherine NT – 3289.4km (The Riggs Family)

Giru QLD – 1645.6km (The Cunningham Family)

Ilfracombe QLD – 1329.3km (The Thomas Family)

Humpty Doo NT – 4236km (The Ruzsicska Family)


Internationally, students in Boarding@NEGS come from:

India – 9611km (The Bennet Family)

Hong Kong – 7114km (The Lavarone and Kiang Families)

Japan – 7544km (The Hasegawa Family)

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The above kilometres are one reason to celebrate Diversity in Boarding@NEGS. A parent made a fantastic suggestion about how we could celebrate this and I would like to ask the following of every family in boarding please. When your daughters return to NEGS after the Long Weekend and/or at the beginning of Term 3 (if they are not home for the Long Weekend) could you send a sample of your soil, yes dirt that is on your property or from the area you live. This will then be placed in a very large glass vase/jar and be visible in the boarding house to celebrate where the girls come from. Also, a little bit of home for them as well.



With the announcement of the new White House House Mother during Week 4, Ms Katrina Peacock has been in this Week (Week 5) for a very thorough handover by Mrs Kerry Middleton. I will officially welcome Ms Peacock in the final newsletter but I would like to take the opportunity to thank Mrs Middleton for stepping in during the search for a permanent House Mother for the girls in White House. I know the girls will miss her and the care and professionalism she has provided for boarding during this time has been exceptional. Thank you Mrs Middleton. BUT – we will still see you in Saumarez on weekends. Ms Katrina Peacock officially starts on Monday, 5th June.


The Taster night was a great success on Friday, 12th May. All boarders gathered in the Assembly Hall after dinner with a lot of popcorn, pillows and doonas everywhere and watched the movie ‘Grease’. A fantastic start to the weekend and a great experience for the prospective students to see how much fun boarding life at NEGS can be. The overnight experience is always one big slumber party and the Year 7 & 8 students had the true experience in Dickens House when the fire alarm went off at 7am Saturday morning – fire engines attending and all.

Mother’s Day on the 14th May was a day that the Boarders thanked their House Mothers with the Senior students encouraging the younger ones to express their thanks on enormous cards. I was pleasantly surprised to find one for me tucked under my office door Monday morning which made the beginning of the week not seem so bad. Thank you Boarders.

Our National Boarders Week was a great success: Thursday night after dinner all boarders participated in three challenges:

1. make the word “BOARDING” out of the bodies of all boarders within the time frame of one song;

2. Complete the sentence, ‘I love Boarding because……’ in their Year 7 – 12 dining table groups; and

3. Walk 1km in the MPC at the same time (well, we walked, ran, skipped and danced). It was a lot of fun and the girls participated with so much enthusiasm.


On Sunday, 21st May there was a kitchen full of students, Gap students and Mrs Thomas baking up a storm making cupcakes for the boarding population as well as the Equestrian Staff.
A great morning together and lots of yummy cupcakes. Thanks girls!!!