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Boarding @ NEGS

Mrs Stephanie Thomas

Mrs Stephanie Thomas


Welcome back to Boarding @ NEGS for 2017. It was wonderful to catch up with existing families and new families on Orientation Day and at the BBQ in the evening.

During the holidays (the night before Christmas Eve) we had extensive flood damage to White House boarding house. This was due to an unusual amount of rain in a short period of time with some hail thrown in to freeze over the top of the drains. The carpets were then professionally dried, shampooing was carried out and an anti-bacterial finish was applied to the carpet to ensure the health of our girls would not be compromised. Although this was all carried out the carpet on the Ground Floor is being replaced. Year 7 & 8 are located in Dickens and have settled in well. Thank you to families, students and staff for being so understanding with this situation. The carpet in White House will begin to be removed during Week 2 and replacement will occur in Week 3 and maybe Week 4.

For Kirkwood House items have arrived from Ikea to add light and colour to the hallways and common room for Years 9 & 10. It is hoped these items will be installed, and painting will be in the house over the next couple of weeks.

With the introduction of our new leave management system – Boardingware, new parents will shortly receive information on how to connect to this fantastic system. For existing parents continue to use your login details as last year and a reminder to set up Hosts in your account to ensure accurate information is provided.


pool pool2With the heatwave that NSW is experiencing at the moment the girls have been able to enjoy the advantage of having a pool on campus. Tuesday afternoon was spent cooling off and on Wednesday the girls enjoyed a swim before their weekly BBQ dinner.




A reminder to all parents and families that your daughters’ House Mother is your first point of call if you have any concerns or questions. I am always available as well. The contact details for Boarding Staff are below:

Director of Boarding
Mrs Stephanie Thomas
M: 0415 823 379

Dickens House
Ms Dawn Shepherd – House Mother
Years 7 & 8
P: 6774 8781

Kirkwood House
Miss Hayley Sommerville – House Mother
Years 9 & 10
P: 6774 8784

White House
Mrs Kerry Middleton- House Mother
Years 11
P: 6774 8777

Saumarez House
Mrs Donna Garrad – House Mother
Years 11 & 12
P: 6774 8774

Update on Fire call out costs:
The school has been notified that the call out cost for fire alarms being activated is now $1600. Students and parents are reminded that the use of aerosols are not permitted in the boarding house.

I am looking forward to a fantastic 2017 and welcome you all back.

Mrs Stephanie Thomas