Boarding @ NEGS Wk6

Mrs Stephanie Thomas

Mrs Stephanie Thomas


It was with great joy and excitement Years 7 & 8 moved into White House at the end of Week 4. With new carpet, new lounges and fridges the girls are settling in well. Their reaction to the move include: ‘Love walking on the new carpet’, ‘I love the smell of new carpet’ and ‘It’s nice to have our own intimate common room’.

A biDSC_0832g thank you must go out to the Maintenance staff for ensuring furniture was placed accordingly, assisting with removal of carpet as well as delivery of the lounges and fridges. Additionally, Paul and his crew from Carpet Choice have worked very hard in order for the girls to be in White House as soon as possible. Thank you!
It was a little quite in Week 4 whilst Year 7 were on camp but they have returned with just as much energy and friendships which makes for a happy time in boarding. They were muddy, sun kissed and a little tired but managed their move to White House brilliantly.


Autumn Festival – Saturday 18th March

This festival is a celebration of our wonderful city of Armidale. It begins with community groups, organisations and schools marching through down town Armidale. Students dress in walking out uniform and staff are there as well. The weekend is a closed weekend until Saturday 2pm. This means that the girls are expected to be in boarding until 2pm on Saturday. Leave can be applied for after this time. There will be additional information closer to the date.

I attended dinner on Tuesday evening to sadly farewell Miss Georgia Everingham. Miss Everingham has been a very committed and passionate boarding staff member who will be missed by both students and staff. We wish her all the best in her future endeavours and hopes she comes to visit.

Although I was at dinner to farewell Miss Everingham it was also a pleasure to see how many boarders were enjoying their meal. It is amazing how boarding life revolves around food and our kitchen staff led by Craig and Nick are always happy to hear me out with the students’ requests. One particular student had been pestering them about a ‘chicken nugget’ night…….so Craig and Nick obliged and the excitement was amazing. Of course, this is a one off but a well fed boarder is a happy boarder.

Mrs Stephanie Thomas
Director of Boarding

Life in Kirkwood

We’ve had a great start to the term in Kirkwood. The girls have all settled back into the boarding routine and are enjoying being back with their friends. This term we are lucky enough to have three exchange students with us in Kirkwood. Leah Krige, from St. Cyprians in South Africa, Harriet Mayvers, from Windermere in England and Emi Hasagawa from Kichigo in Japan. The girls love having exchange girls visit, they get to learn about schooling across the world and compare their boarding houses. Our new exchange girls have fitted in beautifully to life in Kirkwood and have taken on the NEGS spirit.
Miss Hayley Sommerville
House Mother