Head of St John’s – Week 8

Ms Shannon Rosewood

Ms Shannon Rosewood

St John’s Public Speaking Competition

This year we will be holding our third public speaking competition, as part of the Speaking and Listening content area of the English Syllabus. Children from Kindergarten to Year 6 will be required to present a speech to a selected audience. The Public Speaking competition will be held on Friday, 16 June in Week 8.

The benefits of public speaking include improved communication skills, increased self-esteem, planning skills and developing the ability to persuade and influence others. For some children this process will be daunting and challenging. Their classroom teachers will be on hand to provide a supportive classroom environment.

Students in Years 3 to 6 will be given the topic at the beginning of Week 8 and allocated time in class in which to prepare. This is an independent task that is not a part of set Homework, as an important learning experience. During the week they will also be allocated time to put their speech onto palm cards and rehearse before presentation day.

Students in Kindergarten to Year 2 will be given the topic as a Homework task and parents are asked to help their child with the preparation. It is not expected to be longer than one minute.

Tour de St John’s

Tour de St John’s is an indication of how keen our families are to support charity and their children’s fitness. The donations will be passed on to developing our classroom programs and also to Tour de Rocks. A big thank you to Constable McCormack and volunteer parents.

K – 12 Wellbeing Day and Assembly

St John’s have been invited to participate in the NEGS Wellbeing Day on the last Tuesday of term and we have enthusiastically accepted their offer to join the big girls for a whole school aerobics lesson with our own Ali Flynn. Mufti day donations will go towards a new exercise bike for our MPC for the Senior Girls needing to work on their leg strength and to support physical therapy recuperation for injuries.

Assembly will start at 2.30 pm in the SS Assembly Hall. Kindergarten are presenting and all parents are invited to attend.

Reading Challenge

The Reading Challenge will keep our children being active and reading over the coming weeks. Students are required to read 20 books. This can include novels, picture books, magazines and shared stories. What a great focus for the holidays.


In Term 2, St John’s commenced our exciting new STEM club on Monday afternoons. This program embraces an interdisciplinary approach by combining Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics through a range of hands-on activities designed to allow to students to learn through construction and exploration.

What separates STEM from traditional Science and Mathematics education is the blended learning environment and showing students how the scientific method can be applied to everyday life. It teaches students computational thinking and focuses on the real world applications of problem solving.

STEM Club has been a big hit so far with a large number of students engaging in the hands-on fun that is STEM.  So far, students have designed and constructed free standing balloon towers, boats which were then tested to see which could hold the most weight and wind-powered cars.

We’re only just getting started, so there will be many more fun and exciting STEM projects to come!

Holiday wishes
I would like to take this opportunity to thank the girls and boys of St John’s and their families for their wonderful support throughout Term 2 and over the course of Semester 1 2017. It has been such a rich and rewarding experience for our students in so many ways, made possible through the support of the School by our community. I would also like to take the opportunity to thank the dedicated team of staff in the Junior School who all work so tirelessly to enhance the educational experience for your children.

2018 Orientations

Term 3 will bring Transition and Kindergarten experience days so we encourage all families who are interested in St John’s for their children to contact Enrolments on 6774 8700.

Explore St John’s will be theme of these incursion days and Mrs Nixon and Mrs McCann are already planning fun and exciting activities. Our current students will attend these days in either Kindergarten or Transition depending on their enrolment intentions for 2018.

Wednesday 9 August – Explore St John’s. 9 am to 11 am

Friday 1 September – Explore St John’s. 9 am to 11 am

Thursday 26 October – Explore St John’s. 9 am to 11 am

Wednesday 15 October – Transition and Kindergarten Orientation Day

Year 6 will have an Experience Day in Year 7 during Term 3. Our girls will work alongside current Year 7 in a variety of Senior School subjects such as Visual Arts, Design and Technology, Music and Drama. Regardless of which High School your daughter is attending, this is a valuable experience for all our students.

Upcoming events

  • 16 June Public Speaking Competition
  • 20 June NEGS and St John’s Wellbeing Day. K – 12 Assembly (Kindy presenting)
  • 21 June A Night of Music (evening event for Years 3 to 6)
  • 22 June Term 2 concludes
  • 23 June Staff Day (contact Reception for Child Care availability)
  • 8 September Grandparents’ Day
  • 9 September Spring Fair
  • 14 September Matinee St John’s Musical – Snow White
  • 15 September Evening performance St John’s Musical – Snow White