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Mrs Angela Sole

Mrs Angela Sole

The challenges parents face

Parents face a myriad of challenges in raising happy and healthy children. Some of these issues have not changed over time, such as dealing with moody adolescents during puberty or helping kids be the best they can be. Others, like keeping children safe online, are new.

Through the ISDCN Parent Webinar Program, parents can access a wealth of information to help them understand and respond to the complex range of issues associated with raising children, as well as experts ready to help arm them with well-researched strategies and considered advice.


Live sessions are scheduled to start at 7:45pm AESDT for the convenience of busy households.

Webinars are free and no registration is required. Parents simply click on a provided link at the advertised time. Participants will see the computer screen and video of the presenter, hear their audio and can interact by asking formal questions with the Q&A tool or have informal discussion on a chat channel. These interactions can be the most valuable part of the session.

Parents can also access recordings of previous webinars.


The ISDCN operates for all independent schools. The parent webinar program is part of a larger program of services including a National Virtual Debating Competition, professional leaning webinars for staff and virtual excursions for students.

The ISDCN is a joint initiative of Independent Schools Queensland and the Association of Independent Schools (NSW) for all Australian independent schools.

School, parent organisations and associations of independent schools are encouraged to promote ISDCN’s upcoming and previous webinars within their parent communities. These webinars would make great content for social media channels, or in school newsletters to help boost parent engagement.

ISDCN also welcomes input into the program. Please contact us with your ideas and feedback.

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