Principal News – Week 2 T3

Mrs Mary Anne Evans

Mrs Mary Anne Evans

Welcome back for Semester 2 and a very warm welcome to the new students and their families who have now joined our NEGS community.

After the winter holidays it was wonderful to see our students back at School ready for arguably the busiest term of the year. As we gathered at the whole-school-assembly, we acknowledged  NAIDOC week. This is a time to celebrate Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander history, culture and achievements and is an opportunity to recognise the contributions that Indigenous Australians make to our country and our society.  Once again our students conducted themselves with grace and reverence.

Whilst Tuesday marked the first day back for the Term, in effect, the School has been operating throughout the holidays. Undertaking the many and necessary maintenance tasks; interviewing potential students and preparing for the myriad of academic requirements for the term. The Equestrian Centre was also a hive of activity with the planting of new gardens and major-clean up. A big thank you must go to Roy and Tara for their tireless work in achieving this.

On Monday we had the Year 10 information afternoon, and parent, teacher and student interviews. These conversations are critical to ensuring that the partnership between home and school is focused upon enhancing the learning and wellbeing of each student.

Every term is important in a school year but each has its own unique atmosphere. Term 3 is the  final school term for our Year 12 students and they, as well as all our other students, will see that a lot of their success at the end of the year – be that their HSC or end of year results – is often attributed to the ongoing commitments and efforts made during this demanding time. Winter illnesses, co-curricular commitments – getting ready for the upcoming formal/s – a feeling that the end of the year is a long way off as well as the normal vagaries of life can combine to distract and disengage students from their focus upon their school work, study and assessment preparation. For those students and families who may find challenges and difficulties in the weeks ahead, our staff are always available to provide support, care and guidance.

This weekend saw the commencement of the Term 3 IGSSA competitions with a very successful campaign: both junior and senior netball teams had 3/3 wins; junior hockey – 3/3 wins and senior hockey 2/3 wins. All schools competing at IGSSA, and in our local sporting competitions, share a great deal in common and this should not be lost in the heat of schoolgirl sport. Whether it be in hockey, on the netball/basketball court or the rugby field our girls want to do their very best and we want competition to bring out the very best of their characters. There is only room for excellence in behaviour – graciousness in winning and losing. This is a reminder that sport creates such opportunities to help to instil important values in our students and to further build the school culture of NEGS.

I challenge our girls to remember our culture and its good name is in their hands every time they play sport or represent their school. Every time they compete on behalf of this wonderful school, they need to remember that they have been given this legacy to uphold, by the thousands of sisters who have gone before them.

A demanding and rewarding Term of opportunity lies ahead. My hope and expectation would be that we will take the NEGS spirit into all that we do in the remainder of the term.

With every best wish for the term ahead.