NEGS entered a new era in 2007 with the restructure of the school into a Company limited by guarantee:

NEGS Ltd. ABN 31 122 393 702
Membership of NEGS Ltd is open to parents and friends, NEGS Old Girls, students over the age of 18, staff and leading members of the community after being nominated and seconded by existing Members, payment of the prescribed fee and being approved by the Board. Members are entitled to vote at General Meetings.

The Company has appointed a Board of Directors, which is responsible for the management and governance of the school.

The Principal is responsible for the day to day operations of the school, its academic leadership, administrative management and the promotion of the purposes, interests and objectives of the school.

The Principal is also required to have due regard for the schools’ Anglican ethos, values and heritage.

The academic activities, management and administration of the school are integrated into a single organisation supported by modern communication technologies, services, policies and procedures.

The current Board of Directors for the School are:

  • Chairman – Mr John Cassidy, AO
  • Director – Dr Alex Ball
  • Director – Mrs Rebecca Cadzow
  • Director – Mrs Natalie Scanlon