Love Bites Information Pack

Wellbeing @ NEGS Term 4 at NEGS will see our Wellbeing Program continue with the theme – Respect.

Students are participating in activities and discussions during tutor time focusing on all areas of respect, how to earn it and how to show it. In line with this theme during the holidays NEGS hosted NAPCAN, who provided training for the well regarded Love Bites program, a Respectful Relationships Program for adolescents with a particular emphasis on the importance of a whole school commitment to respectful relationship education. NEGS were fortunate enough to have two staff, Mr Josh Cohen and Mrs Kristen Cohen, attend the training.

Having access to such a valued program within the school will provide a great opportunity to address these very relevant and concerning issues with our students and school community as a regular part of our wellbeing program. Love Bites will be presented to Year 10 during service week this term and rolled out to other year groups in 2019.

NEGS are in discussions to host NAPCAN again in 2019 and take advantage of training more of our staff in the Love Bites Program.