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NEGS Junior School is a co-educational junior school for students from Transition through to Year 6. Located on a spacious and beautiful campus in the New England High Country, we provide outstanding education outcomes underpinned by Christian values in a family orientated school community.

At NEGS Junior School we offer a broad, challenging, academic curriculum, that is integrated with pastoral care initiatives, and sporting and cultural pursuits. Within the context of a family, Christian environment, we promote a fun atmosphere where boys and girls are engaged, motivated and self-directed in their learning.

We offer a comprehensive wellbeing program that draws heavily on the principles of positive psychology. We access the resources available from the Live Life Well @ School program, as well as the work of Martin Seligman and mental resilience. We work to develop each student’s sense of self-efficacy and develop the character traits that enable this, such as hard work, self-control, grit and adaptive thinking.

Why Choose NEGS

Educational Excellence

The Junior School’s tradition of educational excellence has developed from both its historic and physical connections to the senior school. Operating from a spacious campus adjacent to the junior school, the senior school shares both outstanding facilities and specialist educators, allowing us to offer a unique learning experience.


We aim for all students to develop their skills and enjoyment in their chosen areas of co-curricular sport at NEGS Junior School.

NEGS Junior School offers a comprehensive range of co-curricular activities for students of all ages. Our programs include sport, music, languages, STEM, and a focus on student wellbeing.

Specialist Staff

Specialist teaching staff complement literacy and numeracy development in the Key Learning Areas of Music, Library, Languages and Christian Studies. Outside the classroom, a range of exciting opportunities complement our academic program and all programs and activities are supported by a wellbeing philosophy that focuses on the social and emotional development of each child.


NEGS Junior School is guided by a wellbeing philosophy that has a strong focus on the social and emotional development of each child. Students actively participate in the Live Life Well @ School program that teaches children healthy lifestyle choices. A daily fitness program, bike track, ‘Crunch and Sip,’ and participation in gardening activities, all promote the Junior School’s philosophy of individual student wellbeing.

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