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Come and discover why NEGS is more than a school

NEGS focuses on educating the ‘whole girl’ and empowering students to be confident and follow their passions.

NEGS has a variety of academic, co-curricular and wellbeing programs to suit all of our unique and diverse students. NEGS has a strong history, and has been educating girls since 1895, and offers both day and boarding school options to suit their female students.

At NEGS we are ideally positioned to educate, inspire and nurture the wellbeing of girls today, to become the leaders of tomorrow, and allow all young women to unlock their full potential.

Whether you want to pursue exceptional academic results, experience life in our boarding house facilities, or learn and ride at the NEGS Equestrian facilities —we’ve got it all!

We ensure that each young woman is provided with a platform to achieve exceptional results, and learn in an environment where they are encouraged to reach their goals.

Discover why NEGS is more than a school, and why more girls want to attend NEGS.

Why Choose NEGS


NEGS offers a personalised academic program which encourages students to identify and develop their talents.

The Core subjects on offer at NEGS include: Christian Education, English, Geography, History, Mathematics, PD/Health/PE and Science. Additional studies offered at NEGS include: iSTEM, Agriculture, Commerce, Design and Technology, Drama, Languages, Music, Textiles, Visual Arts and Physical Activity & Sport Science.


The NEGS offers girls a comprehensive careers program, enhanced leadership opportunities, full membership to IGSSA for competitive sport, extension education events, opportunity to be a part of the wider cultural life of Armidale and opportunities to utilise the University of New England’s extensive resources.

Round Square

Girls’ schools prepare students to be citizens of the world, using rapidly developing technology and forming connections with girls in other countries. There is an emphasis on social justice and community as girls are encouraged to make connections with others outside the classroom walls. NEGS has a strong commitment to the Round Square organisation.


NEGS girls receive sound academic results, have outstanding achievements on the sports field and flourish in the arts. However, it is in the development of personal qualities where NEGS really stands out.

NEGS girls are accomplished, assertive, kind, happy, vibrant young women ready to embrace the wider world and all it offers.

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