NEGS Foundation

NEGS Foundation

NEGS has a long standing tradition of generosity from our school community. With the support of Old Girls, Parents and Friends who have given generously to the Foundation, major capital works and many other projects have been realised.

These pages explain the work of the Foundation and provides information on how you can support NEGS.

In 2006, the NEGS Ltd Building and Education Foundations were established to assist the school in maintaining and developing excellence in the education it provides and the facilities it offers.

Donations to the NEGS Ltd Building or Education Trusts are tax deductible.

The tradition of generosity

Every student who passes through the gates of NEGS today benefits from the exceptional generosity of past generations of benefactors. During NEGS’ very early days the school would not have survived without the financial support of the school community to fund buildings, provide prizes, books and equipment, as well as the fundraising efforts of the girls themselves.
In more recent years, gifts from our community have put in place some of the scholarships and bursaries, encouraging our brightest students and enabling those who may not otherwise be able to attend NEGS to benefit from a NEGS education.

Without this history of giving, NEGS would not be able to provide our students with the magnificent learning environment they enjoy today. By supporting the work of the Foundation, you can play your part in ensuring that future generations of NEGS girls continue to flourish and that our tradition of generosity lives on.

How can you help?

Thank you for considering supporting NEGS. Every gift, whatever its size, makes a difference. You may show your support in a number of ways, please see Making a Gift for more information.

Benefits of giving

Giving to the NEGS Foundation offers many benefits to supporters and also to current and future generations of NEGS girls.

The School is committed to providing an outstanding education for generations of girls through the provision of excellent teaching and learning programmes.  New England Girls’ School also seeks to provide these opportunities through scholarships for girls who may otherwise be unable to attend the School.

Gift giving can be something the whole family can participate in together.  It also teaches children the importance and the benefits of charitable giving.  Often the satisfaction of giving is just as important as the continuous connection with the School, which will be gained for many years to come.

The Building and Scholarship Fund have Deductible Gift Recipient (DGR) status, therefore all gifts (i.e. $2 and over) allocated to these funds are tax deductible.

We invite you to support the NEGS Foundation. To find out more about giving to the NEGS Foundation, contact the Enrolments Office.

Thank you

We are grateful to everyone who has made a gift to support NEGS.  Every gift makes a difference to the education we can offer our students.

We respect that some donors may wish to remain anonymous, but in other cases we are proud to acknowledge and honour our donors’ generosity.  Plaques recording the names of those who have given are placed around the school and scholarships and prizes are named in the donor’s honour.

A sincere thank you for your support.