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Our School Values

“At NEGS students are equipped, valued and empowered to be prepared for life, where strong and healthy relationships are fostered.”

As a Christian school, NEGS aims to develop the maturity of the whole student and advance the full potential of each girl, spiritually, emotionally, academically and physically.

The Christian Studies program supports this by engaging students in learning about the Bible and the Christian faith. Students are encouraged to develop a personal faith and moral character, and to grow in their understanding of God and the work of Christ. Christian Studies provides an opportunity for critical thought and questioning on many relevant topics such as Science, History, and Ethics.

Students are also taught a Biblical perspective of leadership that involves self-sacrifice and service. Our Christian foundations, programs and community all prepare our students for true/real life as a whole person.

Our school promotes integrity, respect, responsibility, excellence, balance and compassion. We welcome students to our school who are from other faiths and backgrounds, on the understanding that they will be educated in a Christian environment.

We promote the following values:

Acting in accordance with principles of moral and ethical conduct and ensuring consistency between words and deeds. Integrity encompasses honesty, a commitment to upholding that which is right and to be just in all dealings with other people.

Treating others with consideration and regard, valuing another person’s point of view, developing tolerance, being able to accept individual differences and valuing these differences.

Being accountable for one’s own actions, resolving differences in constructive, non-violent and peaceful ways, contributing to society and to civic life and taking care of the environment. This embraces the virtues of being trustworthy, proactive and of having courage and initiative to change those things that should be changed.

Seeking to accomplish something worthy and admirable and trying hard; pursuing excellence suggests quality and a commitment to enduring worth. It is striving to do one’s best in all areas of life and to aim beyond what is simply expected.

Balance requires the ability to juggle different demands where all activities are seen as worthwhile. At NEGS, there is a requirement to offer a holistic program that nurtures each student academically and intellectually, socially and emotionally, physically and spiritually.

Caring for oneself and for others is another essential ingredient. By providing opportunities to help others, it is a way of nurturing kindness, compassion, self-esteem and resilience. By modelling compassion in all relationships, we involve our students in experiencing the joy of being contributing members of their society. It is replacing self-centredness and selfishness with a genuine interest in, and concern for, others.

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