Food @ NEGS

Food at NEGS

If you were to drop by the NEGS historic dining hall during meal time, it would be a play on more senses than just your taste buds. The lively chatter of hundreds of hungry school girls fills the room, while boarders and day-girls alike queue for a home-style lunch before taking their seats at communal tables. The students tuck into restaurant quality offerings prepared by a crack team of chefs who turn out an average of 135,000 meals annually.   

Our school knows just how important nutrition is for growing minds and bodies, as well as the all-important sense of joy which needs to be spread liberally when it comes to sharing a meal. Our recipe for success is simple; our trained chefs Nick Love and Craig Harris from Paddock2table use only fresh, delicious ingredients with a nod towards sustainability and an eye on food miles. They design a new menu weekly, with a juicy blend of nourishing food and innovative dishes.

Most NEGS students elect to eat our delicious meals in the dining hall, saving parents hours of shopping and preparing school lunches!  With the catering staff accommodating all special dietary needs, and providing morning tea and lunch – it’s a great option for busy parents and hungry children.