Senior School

Providing opportunities for young women to prosper

NEGS Senior School was formed to nurture and provide opportunities to all girls, to see each student deliver exceptional academic results, but also to grow into the young woman that they aspired to be.

We believe that by creating an environment where each girl feels a sense of belonging, the way in which they learn is also positively impacted, and it allows them to reach their full potential and act with confidence in the world.

The NEGS Senior School is known for a well-rounded education, where students learn with optimal student to teacher ratios, are aided in their learning through exceptional facilities, are encouraged to undertake wellbeing and co-curricular programs and are provided with an abundance of opportunities to grow and create positive change.

We achieve our aims through a well-developed programs in a rural setting of curricular and co-curricular activities in which everyone, both staff members and students, participate.

The School is blessed with good facilities but even more so in the quality of the people working and learning here who care about each student in a friendly environment.

At NEGS Senior School we are ideally positioned to educate, inspire and nurture the wellbeing of girls today to become the leaders of tomorrow and allow all young women to reach their full potential.

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