2016 Celebration of Sport

Catey Curtin

Miss Catey Curtin

Celebration of Sport

On Saturday 26th November the NEGS Celebration of Sport Dinner was held at the Armidale City Bowling Club. Thank you to everyone who attended and contributed to making it such a great night. Congratulations to all of the award winners.

Half Colours and Full Colours Award Winners:

Athletics Half Colours Award Winners
Grace Cassidy, Tahlia Paull, Charlotte Raleigh

Cross Country Half Colours Award Winners
Grace Cassidy

Equestrian Half Colours Award Winners
Bronte Dagg, Laura Finlay, Katie Hancock, Abbey Jackson, Anna Jarvis, Matilda McCarroll, Abbey McLoughlin, Jaimie McLoughlin, Ashley Petch, Lucy Ramsay, Ashley Randle, Sarah Wyatt

Equestrian Full Colours Award Winners
Isabella Arabejo, Laura Frear, Lizzie Hancock, Laura Hardie, Jaimie McElroy, Jessie Ross, Olivia Ruzsicska, Jessica Towns, Sophie Wells, Josie Wilson

Livestock Half Colours Award Winners
Emma Kaul, Abbey McLoughlin, Sophie Sutherland

Livestock Full Colours Award Winners
Emily Barton, Katrina Campbell, Chelesa Devenish, Laura Finlay, Felicity Thomas

Netball Half Colours Award Winner
Charlotte Raleigh

Rifle Club Half Colours Award Winner
Alex Patten

Rifle Club Full Colours Award Winner
Isabelle Cameron

Major Sport Awards

Most Outstanding Equestrian Achievement
Highly Commended: Jaimie McElroy and Lucy Ramsay
Winner: Josie Wilson

Clonan Family Trophy
Winner: Emily Barton

Robertson Family Cup
Winner: Felicity Thomas

Lyall Cameron Cup
Winner: Laura Finlay

Connor Shield
Highly Commended: Matilda Adamson, Abbey Jackson and Charlotte Raleigh
Winner: Sarah Wyatt

Junior Sports Achiever:
Highly Commended: Maible Chalmers, Priscilla Clonan, Katie Hancock, Penny Haynes and Anna Jarvis
Winner: Grace Cassidy

Most Outstanding Individual Sporting Achievement
Highly Commended: Grace Cassidy, Elizabeth Hancock, Jaimie McElroy, Tahlia Paull, Charlotte Raleigh, Lucy Ramsay, Jessie Ross and Sophie Wells
Winner: Josie Wilson

Mozely Tennis Trophy
Highly Commended: Eliza White
Winner: Lucinda Parry

NORTEC Sportswomanship Award
Highly Commended: Abbey Jackson and Madeline Lane
Winner: Josie Wilson

Services to Sport
Highly Commended: Mikaela Ball
Winner: Charlotte Raleigh

Sportswoman of the Year
Highly Commended: Grace Cassidy and Josie Wilson
Winner: Charlotte Raleigh

Student Coach of the Year
Winner: Mikaela Ball

Team of the Year
Highly Commended: Junior IGSSA Hockey Team
Winner: NEGS Polocrosse Team

Young Sports Achiever Award
Highly Commended: Matilda Hall
Winner: Olivia Strelitz

Spirit of Sport @UNE Award
Winner: Abbey Jackson