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Mrs Michelle Wilsmore

Mrs Michelle Wilsmore

St John’s 2017 Cross Country Carnival

The 2017 St John’s Cross Country Carnival took place on Friday 17th March. The students had been preparing for the event in fitness and PE lessons. Their efforts were rewarded with some outstanding results. Well done to all students who took part.

Below are the results from the carnival.

5/6 Years 1st     Zaidan Alshammari
2nd    Aamer Alazizi
3rd     Tom Loxley
1st   Ava O’Hara
2nd  Lucy Wilkinson
3rd   Coco Loughrey
7/8 Years 1st    Jesse Alldis
2nd   Tom Lorimer
3rd     Bailey Harvey-Lynn
1st  Finaly Pulkkinen
2nd  Bella Fittler
3rd  Hunter McDonald
8/9 Years 1st     Jacob Fleming
2nd    Mohammed Almokhtar
1st   Lara McAlary
2nd  Claire McAlary
3rd   Arlie McAlary
10 Years 1st    Andrew Knight
1st  Felicity Knight
2nd Louisa Duarte
3rd Polly Skipper
11/12/13 Years 1st
1st  Arabella Dagg
2nd Sarah Skipper
3rd Arlie Tanner


Senior and Junior Champions

• Senior Cross Country Champion was awarded to Arabella Dagg

• Junior Cross Country Champion was awarded to Felicity Chapman and Jacob Fleming

Overall House Positions

4th Green

3rd Lyon

2nd Dumolo

1st Murray

Congratulations to Murray on winning the overall carnival. Thank you to all parents and families that attended to assist with the running of the carnival and to support the students as they competed.

IPSHA Swimming

Eloise Gooch

Eloise Gooch

Eloise Gooch is congratulated on her success in the pool. She recently travelled to Sydney to represent St John’s at the IPSHSA Swimming Carnival. Eloise won her freestyle heat, competed in backstroke and swam a 4sec PB in butterfly. An amazing effort.