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At NEGS, we believe that in an ever-changing world, modern schools must be fluid, agile and offer so much more than simply an academic education. We see ourselves as a conduit to the outside world, developing future leaders that can confidently take up their place on whatever their chosen path may be.

Originally founded in 1895, NEGS is located on the outskirts of Armidale, in northern New South Wales. This highlands city is renowned for its natural beauty, four seasons, esteemed university and sense of community. We deliver a regional boarding school for girls in their senior years, offering metro-standard facilities in warm country surroundings.

We believe your daughter’s school needs to be both a platform for self-expression and a framework for resilience, offering guidance and the freedom for each student to discover their strengths, using these as the building blocks for their version of a life well-lived. If the foundations are strong, the ensuing structure, built brick by brick, will last a lifetime; a legacy of compassionate education and result-driven strategies offered here at NEGS.

Resilience, aptitude and a desire to excel are all key attributes to enjoying life far beyond the school gates. These traits are gained at NEGS through small bespoke classrooms and a chance for each student to be truly known.

We offer modern opportunities like STEM and Coding Club, and our dedicated team of teachers brings enthusiasm and energy to lessons, encouraging discussion and spirited academia. The Senior School girls have access to state-of-the-art facilities, giving your child’s passions outside the classroom a chance to truly develop and shine.

Country boarding schools for girls offer the chance to rub shoulders and meet friends from all walks of life, opening eyes and doors to a million different possibilities. While unified by school uniform, the background of each NEGS student is as unique as she is. From the red dirt country of the vast Northern Territory to the bustling city streets of Sydney, life-long friends are made here, bursting with the very essence of friendship.

The benefits for an International Student attending NEGS extends beyond a great education. If an International student would like to study at an Australian University, attending NEGS can help meet the visa language requirements.

For an International Student, graduating from an Australian University allows them to apply for a Temporary Work Visa and then later it will add to the points required for a Permanent Australian Visa.

Apply for 11th & 12th Grade at NEGS.

Benefits of studying at NEGS

  • Founded in 1895 NEGS has been educating young women for 125 Years.
  • Students at NEGS are educated in a safe, regional environment on a beautiful 125 acre Campus.
  • NEGS seeks to provide international students with an enjoyable and rewarding experience, consistent with national education standards.
  • Teachers at NEGS tailor their classes to suit the needs of International Students.
  • World-class sporting facilities including an award-winning multi-purpose centre (which includes indoor sporting facilities and a fully functioning gym), an International Equestrian Centre and multiple outdoor sporting fields.

A Welcome Message from Our Principal

I know I speak on behalf of the entire NEGS cohort when I state that it is our goal to educate and inspire our students to be academically passionate and yet always curious; to be guided by principles of compassion, honesty and courage. To be considerate of others and yet confident enough to stand
up and stake their claim in the world.

Mrs Mary Anne Evans

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