Application for enrolment

The first step to take when enrolling your child at NEGS or St John’s Junior School, is to register with the school by submitting an Application for Enrolment Form. Please note that being registered does not guarantee entry of your child into the school, it places your child’s name on a list for an interview at a later date.

Enrolment interview

In the year prior to your child starting with us, parents/guardians and the prospective student will be invited to attend NEGS for an interview. At this time, arrangements can be made for the student to attend an experience day/night at the School.

As part of the interview process, school reports, test results, samples of schoolwork and references will all be taken into account. It should be noted that consent, where applicable, will be requested to contact the student’s previous school for a verbal reference.

Entrance to the school is at the discretion of the Principal. The Principal reserves the right not to offer a place.

Offer of enrolment

Based on the process outlined above, an Offer of Enrolment to attend the School may be made. This offer will be accompanied by the Contract of Enrolment and associated documents. To accept this offer and confirm a place for your child, both parents/guardians are required to sign the Contract and return it to the Enrolment Office along with the associated documents and Acceptance Fee of $665 (including GST) non-refundable.