Livestock and Agriculture

Women are playing a more prominent role in Agriculture and our NEGS program provides opportunities to learn in a positive, hands-on environment that encourages diversity within the community.


Junior School

Our Agriculture Program provides diverse hands-on learning experiences from Pre-K through to Year 12.


Recognition of teamwork in Agriculture is a rewarding part of our NEGS philosophy.

Livestock and Agriculture

At NEGS our Agriculture Program provides diverse hands-on learning experiences from Pre-K through to Year 12, giving agency to our students to become critical thinkers and leaders in the rapidly changing agriculture industry, these experiences inspire our students to participate in STEM careers.

Through our Agriculture Program, we develop skills in animal husbandry, crop production, and land management, while emphasising sustainability and responsible practices. As a regional school, our students are exposed to industry experts and experiences due to the strong industry connections we enjoy.

Our industry connections extend to unique opportunities for practical learning, including mustering, branding, and cattle husbandry. We also integrate the latest technologies, such as drones and automated tools, to improve efficiency and productivity while instilling responsible technology use. 

In the Junior School agricultural experiences are integrated and enhance the NSW curriculum with real life education. Our Junior School students participate in hands on activities such as weighing chickens, lambs, growing and tending the vegetable plot. Critical thinking skills integrated with maths and science ensure these real-life experiences are relevant to their learning.

In the later years our Junior School students are exposed to the ever-evolving nature of technology, through agricultural techniques such as tractor mounted GPS, the use of drones, data collection from RFID/EID tags. These real-life examples are designed to inspire students at this stage to consider STEM subjects in future years.

In the Senior School, agriculture employs a combination of practical experiences and industry experts to enhance the delivery of the NSW curriculum. As a regional school, we have industry partnerships that allow us to broaden students’ experiences, developing their critical thinking and problem-solving and ultimately opening up the possibility of pursuing a career in STEM, engineering and agriculture.

In addition to our Agriculture program, we offer a Livestock Team as part of our co-curricular offering.  This team provides opportunities for students to work with grain-fed stock, participate in agricultural competitions, and deepen their knowledge of animal behaviour, breeding, feeding practices, and the use of technology. Our Livestock Team is highly successful, winning annual broad ribbons throughout NSW. Major competitions each year include the Sydney and Brisbane Royal, Wingham Beef Week and the Glen Innes Beef Bonanza. Through their involvement, students practice the NEGS values of integrity, responsibility, excellence and teamwork.

 Our dedicated agricultural facilities include a steer feedlot, prime lamb production, goats, pigs, poultry, vegetable crops, and an orchard, providing further learning opportunities. 

At NEGS Armidale, we are committed to equipping our students with the skills and knowledge they need to succeed in the agricultural industry and make a positive impact in their communities.

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