School Life

Everyone remembers that one teacher that burned bright for them at school. The one they connected to, that planted the seed of learning and nourished this growth into a thriving garden. At NEGS we pride ourselves on an entire cohort of teachers that do just that; they love what they do and go above and beyond to pass on their love of learning.

It’s here in our classrooms that our students learn to think critically, to question the status quo, to pounce on their strengths and take up challenges. NEGS provides core subjects including English, Geography, History, Mathematics, PD/Health/PE, Science and Christian Studies. Our additional studies include iSTEM, Agriculture, Commerce, Design and Technology, Drama, Languages, Music, Textiles, Visual Arts and Physical Activity and Sport Science.

Small classrooms are essential for a formative student and teacher bond, allowing for each pupil to be really known and seen by their teachers, and peers at our School. There is authenticity here – our girls are not numbers but people, with all their intricacies, passions and challenges. This helps us to be flexible and tailor our programs with a varied curriculum. Students can choose up to three Additional Studies Units (electives) in Years 9 and 10 and there is flexibility allowing students to change these electives in Year 10 if they wish.

The NEGS Senior School offers girls a comprehensive careers program with tremendous leadership opportunities. Here they learn how to direct from the front with compassion and motivation, and how to take direction and work as a collective to inspire with joy. This is seen from everyday assemblies and student initiatives, to the colourful, cheering side-lines at NEGS sporting events as students coax and celebrate their peers and sporting houses.

Every student at NEGS receives full membership to IGSSA for competitive sport as well as the opportunity to be a part of the wider cultural life of Armidale. We have a fantastic relationship with the University of New England and are able to access their extensive resources, offering our girls the chance to get a sense of tertiary education. We offer co-curricular activities in Livestock Management, Chaplaincy, Music, Drama, Sport, Rifle Shooting, Duke of Edinburgh and Coding.

NEGS girls receive sound academic results, have outstanding achievements on the sports field and flourish in the arts. However, it is in the development of personal qualities where NEGS really stands out. Our young women are accomplished, assertive, kind, happy and vibrant; ready to embrace the wider world and all it offers.

Most of all, they are a part of a close-knit community where all the girls know one another and forge friendships which last a lifetime.