Principal’s Welcome

Welcome to NEGS

It is with pleasure that I welcome you to NEGS, a proud, inclusive and nurturing school, developing future leaders who can confidently take their place on whatever chosen path that may be. NEGS is a vibrant community, developing resilient young women, girls and boys to be strong in their spiritual identity, to take their place in a changing world, to believe in their capacity and responsibility to live a fulfilling and satisfying life, and to making a meaningful contribution to family and community. Together – we make a difference.

Resilience, aptitude and a desire to excel are all key attributes to enjoying life far beyond the school gates. These traits are gained at NEGS through small, bespoke classrooms and a chance for each student to be truly known, visible, nurtured and understood. For 125 years, NEGS has woven a rich tapestry of educational opportunities in a traditional, rural, Christian environment: enjoying an exceptional reputation in academic scholarship; extensive co-curricular offerings; comprehensive music, arts and dance programs; caring and nurturing Boarding opportunities; excellent student Wellbeing programs; and outstanding facilities including a world-class equestrian facility and Regional Sporting Complex. Sport is taken to the next level with our equestrian centre supported by former Olympians and, for the first time outside major metropolitan high schools, NEGS being partnered with Hockey NSW, Netball NSW and NSW Rugby to deliver exclusive Player Pathway Programs incorporating high-performance coaching.NEGS’ pastoral care and authentic approach to ensuring the wellbeing of every student fosters their belonging, connection, sense of purpose, and respectful, caring relationships with others. The school continues to preserve cherished traditions and retain a village-like atmosphere, whilst transforming into a current, dynamic and innovative learning environment with the best contemporary teaching methods and learning experiences. Developing, in our young women, girls and boys, an ability to think deeply and clearly, engages and inspires them as they grow intellectually and emotionally. Our highly-qualified, talented, and dedicated teachers work in partnership with each child and their parents to challenge and extend them through targeted learning experiences.

Living in a Boarding House is very different from living at home. Boarding adds another dimension to the partnership between home and the school and our boarding staff create a friendly and caring environment, where students live happily and harmoniously, and develop the necessary social and community skills to be responsible members of society. Boarding is the ‘heart’ of the School and, whilst unified by school uniform, the background of each NEGS boarder is as unique as she is. From the red dirt country of the vast Northern Territory to the bustling city streets of Sydney, life-long friends are made here, bursting with the very essence of friendship.

Set on an expansive 50-hectare campus, the students enjoy the immediate feeling of space. Our educational environment is designed to inspire curiosity, explore innovative opportunities, experience new activities and interests, enable excellence and feel like a new adventure for our students.

As a school, NEGS is in the business of shaping young women through the experiences we offer; but we also develop the foundation – the beginning – for the young men in our care. For our girls and boys, we guide their development, strength, creativity, and opportunities. They then move on and write their own story but will always be connected to NEGS. As future leaders and contributors to our society, NEGS women and men will continue, through their actions, to bring about great social change and feel keenly about the responsibility of others, as those, who have walked through these gates, have done before them.

Thank you for taking the time to find out more about the wonderful NEGS community. We are here to talk with you, meet you or guide you on a personal tour.


Liz van Genderen