Principal’s Welcome

Welcome to NEGS

I invite you to take a moment to discover just some of the extraordinary aspects of our wonderful school as you consider the next step for your child, whether as a day student or as a boarder at NEGS.

It is my privilege to be at the helm of an energetic, talented and caring community of staff who are singularly dedicated to delivering an outstanding and well-rounded education both within and beyond the classroom. Collectively, our Christian values and continued emphasis on developing and maintaining positive relationships is a strong focus, and our students’ emotional and spiritual needs are at the forefront of every decision we make.

I know I speak on behalf of the entire NEGS cohort when I state that it is our goal to educate and inspire our students to be academically passionate and yet always curious; to be guided by principles of compassion, honesty and courage. To be considerate of others and yet confident enough to stand up and stake their claim in the world.

Hand on heart, I can say that when our students walk out of the school at the end of their time at NEGS, they are accomplished, confident and equipped to make significant contributions to their communities and the world beyond.

From the moment you enrol your child at NEGS, our school and your family are in partnership from the very beginning. We acknowledge that the privilege that we are tasked with, is to take our students on a journey that will allow the to develop the necessary inner resources, sense of community, love, gratitude, creativity, joy, freedom, and abundance to truly succeed in life.

As you browse this website you will see that NEGS is blessed with a beautiful campus environment providing small classes, specialist programs and a collaborative philosophy where our students are exposed to some of the best academic and intellectual opportunities available. From our signature programs to our sporting opportunities, our diverse equestrian opportunities to our boarding school program, NEGS truly is a life-changing experience for each and every student.


Mrs Mary Anne Evans

BA, DipEd – Principal